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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Hey, my name is Nathan Robichaud, and I'm from Yarmouth, N.S. This will be my 2nd CWSF experience, and I did my project on the placebo effect this year. I'm in Grade 8, and love running and hockey. I have traveled to many places, but never to Windsor! I also love dirtbiking and hanging out with my friends. Most of all, I love flying, and plan to be a pilot in the Canadian Air Force. I'm in the Air cadets, and enjoy it a lot. I went to CWSF last year, and loved it. I met a lot of new people. I would recommend just talking to random people that you meet at the fair as a great way to start a friendship, and as advice: just keep your head in front of the judges! I find that I can practice my presentation great to everyone except the judges, but after a while, you'll just get used to it. I have won many competitions, but science fair is my favourite by far! I hope to have a great time this year, and look forward to meeting all of the other people.

Nathan Robichaud

C'est tout dans la tête... Le Phénomène de Placebo
Abstract:My project is based on the placebo effect, the brain's potential to instigate physiological responses based on what the subject thinks is going to happen. The participants had their glucose tested before and after a test where I told them that the food they were going to eat was highly sugared, but actually was not. I saw that their glucose rose, a true phenomenon.