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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Cassidy - My name is Cassidy Bernard, I am a Mi'kma'q First Nation and I attend We'koqma'q Mi'kmaw School. The inspiration behind my project is that the Mi'kmaq Language is slowly dying and we wanted to figure out a way we can preserve it and to also teach anyone who wishes to learn the mi'kma'q language, how to speak it. Our plan for further investigation is to make more mi'kma'q apps like how to have a conversation in mi'kma'q.
Lucinda - My name is Lucinda Gould. My hobbies include reading, drawing and just relaxing with my family. I'm attending Dalhousie University in September for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Since Grade 10, I have been awarded with "Highest Average Overall" and mulitple awards in science, math, English, and Mi'kmaq. My science fair partner and I got our inspiration for our project from Mi'kmaq Language. Our language is dying, and we are trying to preserve it anyway we can. We plan on making more Mi'kmaq apps, from greetings to numbers or days of the week. Also we'd like to make our apps more animated and to use more context. My advice to other students, when you're thinking of doing a project, do something you're passionate about and you'll definitely get far.

Cassidy Bernard, Lucinda Gould

Ni'n Ketu L'nuisi
Region:Mi'kma'q First Nation
City:Whycocomagh, NS
School:We'koqma'q First Nation Secondary School
Abstract:A Mi'kma'q Language App has been produced to be used for personal or classroom use. Initially through research of other language apps the idea was formed. The App was built using Photoshop to create images, wave sound files were recorded, and Xcode was then used to assist in creation of the final App. The App was field tested and observations analyzed.