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ESPC 2014 - Windsor (Ontario)

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I am Matthew Zheng - I'm in grade 10 and live in Saskatoon. I have a fairly diverse range of interests, science being one of the most prominent. I was inspired by new ideas in diagnostics to investigate the use of qPCR as a diagnostic tool for blackleg in Canola. At the present I have also taken on a project regarding epigenetics - an area that is very new and interesting! For those who have not done programs like science fairs, I believe everyone has the same potential to do well - and I daresay an equal chance of winning. At the end it is who worked the hardest, the smartest, and the fastest that determines a winner. Apart from science that ideology transfers, especially when I do things like Public Speaking competitions or music festivals. Apart from competing in a plethora of programs I also enjoy lifting weights and reading books (or watching movies).

Matthew Zheng

Visual and Molecular Detection of Blackleg in Canola
Ville:Saskatoon, SK
École:Walter Murray Collegiate
Sommaire:PCR has been used since the 1980’s to identify the presence and the absence of bacteria and fungus. Recently, qPCR has been suggested as a potential diagnostic tool for bacteria and fungus. The purpose of this project is to explore the possibility of using qPCR as a diagnostic tool to identify blackleg fungus through developing a qPCR assay and comparing it to conventional methods.