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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Ryan - I am from central Saskatchewan where my family has an organic grain farm. I became interested in this project because I had heard about the potential danger of electromagnetic radiation on human health. I enjoy fly fishing, hunting, cross country skiing and basically all outdoor activities. I attend WP Sandin High School in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan and am currently in grade 8.
Sam - Sam Lafond is a grade eight student at W. P. Sandin Public High School in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. Sam is a member of the Student Leadership Council to promote school activities and a dedicated student who likes to try new challenges. This Wi-Fried science fair project has been an interesting endeavor and has stretched his learning in new areas. Wi-Fi electromagnetic radiation is a current topic as we do not yet know the details of how it fully impacts plant development and human health. More studies can be conducted at an individual level and by researchers for companies and governments. Sam lives in Shellbrook, a small town located in the central region of the province where agriculture and forestry are the primary industries. Sam appreciates the easy access to the beautiful lakes and enjoys the outdoors in the parkland region. He enjoys quadding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, biking, and camping. He participates in sports such as hockey, badminton, cross-country running and cross-country skiing. Sam is also an active member of the church youth group and has been a great mentor to the younger children by displaying an attitude of helpfulness and enthusiasm.

Ryan Potts, Sam Lafond

Wi-Fried: The Effect of Wi-Fi on Plant Growth
City:Shellbrook, SK
School:W.P. Sandin Composite
Abstract:The effects of Wi-Fi internet electromagnetic radiation on seed germination are investigated by comparing the germination rate of seeds grown in close proximity to an internet router compared to the seeds grown in identical conditions away from the router. Results show that seeds grown in close proximity to router had delayed or unsuccessful germination, while those in the control group demonstrated normal germination rates.