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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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My name is Holly, I go to Netsilik School in Taloyoak, My hobbies are as follows: Volleyball, soccer, floor hockey, ice fishing, seal hunting and camping.Career plans are to become an R.C.M.P. and fire fighter. I got my inspiration for my science project because we use the harpoon heads all the time. My plans is to investigate different kinds of harpoons. I would give students advise to study and work hard on their projects.

Holly Tulurialik

City:Taloyoak, NU
School:Netsilik School
Abstract:My project explains how harpoons work to catch seals and other marine animals. I tested the best way to sharpen harpoons but using three harpoons of different sharpnesses and dropping them onto layered cardboard. I also interviewed my grandparents to see what the best ways are to make and sharpen harpoons traditionally.