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CWSF 2014 - Windsor, Ontario

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Hi, my name is Rylee, I am a grade 7, first year french immersion student. I live in the Lobster Capital of Canada a small town in Southwestern Nova Scotia. I enjoy playing organized team sports such as soccer,basketball and softball. I am also part of a dance crew. Over the summer I volunteered 15 hours at a local exhibition. I won 2 remembrance day poster contests. At my school science fair I placed first and also received an Agricultural Awareness Award presented by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. My inspiration for my science project was that last summer I started a vegetable garden that needed to be watered multiple times a day, I wanted to find a way to not have to water my garden as often and save water. I don't have any plans to further my investigation, but I would like to find a way to see how long hydrogel can last before biodegrading and needing to be replaced. My advice for other students thinking about doing a project would be, find an original idea and the topic should be something they are interested in.

Rylee Townsend

L'absorption d'eau en utilisant l'hydrogel
City:Shelburne County, NS
School:Barrington Municipal High School
Abstract:My project is using a household item for saving water and improving plant growth, by adding water to a diaper (hydro gel) and mixing it with soil, I planted Plant A in the hydro gel mixture and Plant B with regular soil. I recorded how much water each plant received for two weeks. Plant A used less water and was much healthier.