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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Jessica Andrea - My name is Jessica Vázquez, I'm in my last year of high school at Centro Universitario México, I'd like to study Political Science and in a future expecting to have an important contribution to enviromental laws in my country, because I think it's a forgotten matter. I have won my regional and national expo science contest which lead me to the CWSF of this year and I expect a lot of this experience. I love listening to music, all genres, but nothing makes me more joyful than mariachi and rancheras, other thing that makes me happy are my friends and I do really think that even if you have a few, as they are truthful and honest you do not need anything else.
Rogelio de Jesús - I was born in September 1995, both of my parents are mexican, currently I´m living at Mexico City, and nowadays I´m studying Environmental Engineering and since I was a little kid I always was interested in science topics, specially ecology and biology topics. Since I was in highschool I´ve participated in 7 regional, 2 national and 1 international science fairs. I like contemplating, studying and admiring nature, I think nature has always something to show us. The project idea began when we noticed that almost no one was conscious about the rivers problem in Mexico City, in fact there are plenty of people that do not know there are rivers in Mexico City, in the future we are working on a pilot project with wetlands, ecosystems that can restore the rivers. If you are working on a project, my special advice is to study of the topic as much as you can, question every result you got and sorround yourself with people that supports you and encourage you to never give up!

Jessica Andrea Vázquez Corral, Rogelio de Jesús Serrano Rodríguez

Overview of Mexico's City Rivers
City:Mexico, , Mexico City,
Abstract:Mexican hydrological situation has reached a critical level, having the 88% of the national waters polluted. Mexico City is not the exception of this problem; the hydrological problem embraces specifically the rivers, which its deficient management has carried into a problem not only of the rivers, but of the management of the water through the entire city, generating social and environmental issues.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada