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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Brynn - Hello- my name is Brynn Keffen :) I live in Innisfail, AB and attend grade 9 at Innisfail High School. I have been in dance since I was four. This year alone I am in twelve competition dances, so it is obvious that I love dance! I also hope to be a nurse when I graduate from High School as caring for people has always been one of my strengths. Science has always been my favorite subject in school, with Biology being my preferred Science topic. This leads me to our Science fair project... determining if people remember more positive or negative images was very intriguing, and I would love to continue to learn more about this topic. Jillian and I have been friends since grade 1 and I really enjoyed working on this project with her! My advice to anyone doing a science fair project is to work hard and you never know what you can achieve!
Jillian - Hi! My name is Jillian Arthur and I am from Innisfail, Alberta. I am fourteen and in ninth grade at Innisfail High school. Some of my favorite things are hanging out with family and friends, playing piano, chocolate, and reading. Currently, I am in Grade 8 piano and have been playing since I was eight! Science is my favorite subject because it allows people to make new discoveries and change the world in a positive way. I am so excited that I will get to experience the Canadian National Science Fair!!! Our project (An Inspection of Recollection) was very interesting! I learned a lot about memory and how our emotions play a big part in recollection. One piece of advice is to always strive towards your goals, believe in yourself, and never give up.

Brynn Keffen, Jillian Arthur

An Inspection of Recollection
Region:Central Alberta
City:Innisfail, AB, Red Deer County, AB
School:Innisfail Junior Senior High School
Abstract:What’s more memorable- positive images or negative images? To determine the answer to this question, we conducted a test on fifty-five volunteer subjects of varying ages. The test consisted of a slide show with twenty pictures. Each photograph was shown for three seconds. After the slide show, the test subject described each image they remembered on a sheet of paper. Our results were very intriguing...