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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Kara - I am Kara Miskolczi and I am 14 years old. I was born an raised in Englefeld, SK. I go to Englefeld School, where I am a special events co-ordinator in the SRC. I am involved in school by playing volleyball, jr. badminton, archery, curling, and I also do track and field. I am involved in my church, junior lifeguarding, and drama. Over summer I work at the Watson swimming pool, cut grass for the church, go camping, having s'mores, and exploring. My hobbies include, photography, reading, listening to music, hunting, fishing, soccer, rock picking, running, swimming, hanging out with friends, laughing and hanging out with Khrystyna Ostrovsky, watching movies, and playing piano. I also love to play outside with my dog and exploring new places. When I graduate I would like to go to university to become an architect because I love the way you can make something look and I'm always playing Super Home Suite on my computer. I have medals and certificates in piano, dance and volleyball. My partner and i won frst place at the regional science fair.
Khrystyna - My name is Khrystyna Ostrovsky and I am fourteen years old. My birthday is February 12th, 2001. I was born in Ukraine and I moved to Canada at age five. I now live in Englefeld, SK. I go to Englefeld School and I am part of the SRC. My job is communications. I am involved in school by playing Jr. badminton, volleyball, track and field, cross country, archery, choir, art club, and drama. I have won the academic award, medals, trophies, ribbons and certificates in dance, piano, and volleyball. My hobbies include piano, dance, drawing, painting, reading, photography, listening to music, running, walking, biking, fishing and hunting. I like to hang out with my friends and go for walks. Over the summer I babysit and my family and I go camping, hiking or boating. I love sitting by the fire and eating s'mores. I like swimming and playing soccer. My favourite sports are badminton, soccer, and volleyball. My favourite color is blue. I like listening to all music and enjoy all movies. I love hanging out and laughing with Kara Miskolczi. When I finish school I want to go to university to become a lawyer.

Kara Miskolczi, Khrystyna Ostrovsky

Wind Warping
Region:Carlton Trail
City:Englefeld, SK
School:Englefeld School
Abstract:Can you create your own wind turbine with household materials? We took this question and discovered that you can, in fact we used ice cream pails and lids to test this question. We created our own blade design which we called the KKMO. We compared it horizontally and vertically against the Savonius. We believe wind power can improve its efficiency greatly.