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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Rashmini is a Grade 11 IB and French Immersion student at Ecole Secondaire Neelin High School in Brandon, MB. She loves to participate in competitive sports such as soccer, swimming, basketball and track & field. She is also a musician, who plays the piano, oboe and saxophone. Rashmini enjoys the company of others, being outdoors, and keeping active. She also volunteers in the community, helping out at the Westman Immigration Services, the family YMCA, Canadian Red Cross and Canadian Cancer Society.

Rashmini Shunmugam

Curry, Spice and Everything Nice
Region:Western Manitoba
City:Brandon , MB
School:Neelin High
Abstract:I used 15 different Indian cooking spices to see if they will inhibit the growth of E.Coli strain K12. This strain is not pathogenic or harmful to humans. These spices are commonly used in many developing countries, where western health care is not readily available, making them an easy remedy for E.coli related illnesses. My studies found garlic, clove and cinnamon to be top inhibitors.