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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Sebastian - My name is Sebastian and I am thirteen years old and attend grade 8 at St. Anne school in Hanmer, ON. I got most of my inspiration from my teacher Mrs. O'Daiskey, she gave us the starting idea and that got us thinking of how to develop and make this idea possible. Plans for further investigations are experimenting more on the bag using the scientific method. We were also thinking about branching out and start doing this same feature with purses, lunch pals and athletic sports bag. Our last plan is to add this feature in the early manufacturing stage of the school bag for cheaper price instead of making the whole bag itself. Advice that I would give younger scientists is to plan ahead and don't wait till the last minute to start your project. If you do experiments you want to be very accurate with them and take time to do it. Also when you are presenting your project tell it like a story don't get choked up trying to remember what you wrote if your nervous you know your project better than anyone else.
Jordan - My name is Jordan Bisschops I am grade 8 and I attend St Anne Catholic School. I live in Val Caron ON. and I have several interests and hobbies. My hobbies include video games, biking, soccer, and basketball. My interests include animals, computers, and travelling. I have received virtue awards throughout my school years such as Respect award, Faith award and many more. I have also received the Science/Technology award and also the Merrit award in grade 6. My inspiration for my project was my teacher.She wanted to make science fair different and do Dragon's Den. Also she gave the idea of making the process of making the process of cleaning a bag out easier. My tip for anyone doing a project is to stay on task while doing the project and also to start your project early. We plan for further investigation we plan to put our Zip'N'Clean idea into purses, lunch pals, and maybe wallets.

Sebastian Bisschops, Jordan Bisschops

City:Val Caron, ON
School:St. Anne Catholic E.S.
Abstract:The Zip'N'Clean is a modification of a school bag. The Zip'N'Clean has a zipper located at the bottom of the bag which will allow you to unzip the bottom of the bag open. The dirt that has been laying there fall into the trash accurately. There is a sewn in mesh inside at the bottom of the bag to filter out the sand and dirt.