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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Jacob - My name is Jacob Little and I go to Algonquin RD Public School in Sudbury Ontario, now about our science fair project. We were thinking of ideas for our science fair project and Ethan's Dad (my partner for the project) suggested building a device to measure the thickness of ice. As for further investigation we would like to look more into patenting this device and possibly even selling it to companies to manufacture and sell to stores like Walmart. Some advice I would give to other students thinking about doing a science fair project would be to find a interesting subject that nobody has done before and do a good job on it and you may have a good chance to participate in you regional science fair and possibly even national science fair.
Ethan - My name is Ethan Albers, I am in grade 7 at Algonquin Road Public school in Sudbury Ontario. I have been on the Robotics team with FIRST robotics for several years and love Mathematics and Science. I'm also a member of our schools Tech Club which explores various technologies in the STEM area. The idea for our project came from my parents who had heard a CBC article about people walking home on lakes and falling through the ice. They thought a hiking stick with a built in meter to measure the ice thickness would be neat. My friend Jacob liked the idea so we decided to work on making one, and built a working prototype for our science fair project. We would like to look into patenting the device, and are gathering information on how to proceed in this direction. Advice for other students would be to look at the world around you and wherever you see a problem or difficulty, see if you can use the power of your mind to solve or fix the difficulty. Think about mixing different technologies together in interesting ways. Then make a science fair project around your solution!

Jacob Little, Ethan Albers

Stop Icy Drownings
City:Sudbury, ON
School:Algonquin Road P.S.
Abstract:For our project, we built an ice thickness meter and put it into a mobile, easy to use walking stick format for use on lakes. We think that this invention could save some lives out on the ice.