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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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I'm a competitive athlete in many sports such as figure skating, wrestling, cross country skiing, and track, and I am very passionate about my own health and that of others. After noticing the steady incline in use of e-cigarettes within my community, not only with adults who are trying to quit smoking, but also with teenagers who chose them as an alternative to cigarettes, I asked myself; "What is in e-cigarettes? Are they really supposed to be a tool to help smokers quit, or are they creating an entirely new generation of smokers?" After looking into it a little more, I decided to base my science fair project on the questions I had. In the future I'd like to look into more how e-cigarettes actually affect a person's body when they use them, both in the short and long term. To all you students out there who are thinking about doing a project; do something that interests you, something you are passionate about. It will show in the work you put into it, and the quality of the project you produce.

Sydney Kuppenbender

E-cigarettes: Friend or Foe?
Region:Northern Saskatchewan
City:Air Ronge , SK
School:Churchill Composite H.S.
Abstract:With e-cigarettes having become so popular among our modern society, I asked myself, what’s actually in them? Are they truly being used as a tool to help smokers quit, or are they simply creating a new generation of smokers? I surveyed the teens of my school and performed an in-depth research of e-cigarettes themselves: how they work, and what it is that’s in them.