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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Kai Parrish. I am a grade 8 student at Golden Learning Centre in Balmertown, Ontario. My science fair project is an innovation - a kayak rack that can hold three kayaks. I was inspired to design this rack after finding many kayak rack providers did not meet our family's kayak transportation needs. I have many interests and enjoy being active. I participate in many of the sports our community has to offer, but some of my favorites are hockey, cross country skiing, ski-doing, and fishing. I also like kayaking on the lakes and rivers in our area. I enjoy learning online and conducting research to find out more about my interests. I think students should look for project inspiration in the things they're interested in. It really makes a difference in what you will learn and how much you will enjoy your work with the project. I like seeing how products work and figuring out why they are designed in certain ways. That's why I'd like to consider careers related to engineering when I graduate from high school.

Kai Parrish

Ingenious Tri-Kayak Rack
Region:Sunset Country
City:Balmertown, ON
School:Golden Learning Centre
Abstract:Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the beauty of Canada’s natural waterways. But how do people transport items such as personal watercrafts to and from the lakes and rivers for this enjoyment? I have designed and built an innovative multi-kayak transportation rack that meets unique criteria (which no current design does). In addition to other features, this design is durable, safe-to-use, installation-friendly and lightweight.