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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Natalie Baker, I'm fourteen years old, and sincerely dedicated to school, dance (mainly ballet) and social justice issues. In the past year I have been awarded my school's Citizenship Award, top of my class, the NS Lieutenant Governor's Respectful Citizenship Award, and of course, the opportunity to go to the Canada Wide Science Fair. I got the inspiration for my project, Improving the Everyday Classroom, from my sister. She has dyslexia and ADHD. Originally I had hoped to create a project around students with disabilities, how can we make learning better for them? Though I later decided to try and find out how I could make the learning experience better for everyone. If I were to further my project's investigation, I'd see how the three primary learning techniques and UDL could be worked in more to our modern day class assessments. The advice I'd give to my peers for their projects would be for them to not just go by the textbook when searching for an idea, but to base their project around something they are truly passionate about.

Natalie Baker

Improving the Everyday Classroom
Region:South Shore
City:New Ross, NS
School:New Ross Consolidated School
Abstract:When creating lessons, how does an educator consider all of the learning differences, preferences and abilities students present within today's classroom? This study appraised how students learn by creating a sample lesson where students discovered new topics using visual, auditory or kinesthetic teaching techniques. Pupils then were assessed on the information presented and results proved schoolchildren require a class incorporating visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques.