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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Emily - Emily Kelln is a Grade 10 student who is very involved in her community of Vibank, Saskatchewan. She is the oldest of four girls in her family. At her school, Vibank Regional, she participates in Drama, as the stage manager, SLC, as the vice president and Book Club, as a participant. Additionally to her roles in the community, she is very involved in music. She has been part of Conservatory Juventus Choir for six years, piano for three years and voice for one year. Some of her greatest achievements in life are, receiving best stage manager in Drama Festival, having her SLC awarded Global Classroom in the 306, completing her first half marathon and winning a choir scholarship. Recently over Easter break, she was employed at the Conservatory of Regina as an assistant for the week of camps and is hoping to go back in the summer. Emily enjoys the study of human development/behaviour and thought it would be an interesting field to explore. In the future she plans on going into the psychology field.
Brittany - I am Brittany Weisbeck, born and raised on a farm outside of the small town of Vibank, Saskatchewan. I am very athletic, I play volleyball, soccer, run track and field, cross country, I figure skate and just recently I completed my first half marathon. This past year I have competed at the provincial level for both track and field and cross country. I enjoy acting and am involved with my schools drama program. I have also participated in Missuola Children's theater for the past 7 years. I have played clarinet in high school band for 5 years.My goals for the future include graduating high school with a grade point average above 90%, and being able to continue my leaning with either university or other post secondary education. My project was inspired by the multiple intelligence theory. Emily and I were intrigued to learn more about our classmates through tests based on the multiple intelligence.

Emily Kelln, Brittany Weisbeck

Success With Knowledge: The Theory of MEGIE
Region:Prairie Valley
City:Vibank, SK
School:Vibank School
Abstract:Motivation, experiences, genetics, interest and environment are the components within the theory of MEGIE. These components are chosen because of their chief involvement in human behaviour when executing commonplace activities/tasks. The impacts of MEGIE were evaluated by observing thirty diverse individuals while executing activities/tasks. Results show that MEGIE is important in advancing and understanding human behaviour in society.