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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Hailey Doucette, I am a grade 9 student from St. Mary's Jr. High School. In addition to science I am deeply involved in the arts such as drama and choral and practice them on a regular basis. My desires for the future include graduating with a degree of education in order to be able to pass on my knowledge of S.T.E.M. fields on to future generations. I have had the privilege to attend CWSF in Windsor Ontario last year and that trip inspired me to do a project again this year. Furthermore, I am also very intrigued by microscopic life, as I find it very amazing that something that we can't see can make us sick, healthy, and practically makes up our whole lives, this is the core inspiration for this project and has led me to be very passionate about it. For my project I compared the amount of bacterial cultures in organic retail ground beef compared to retail ground beef raised on antibiotics. I would like to continue working with this project to expand its concept. I believe that being passionate about a project is the key to success and with passion anything is possible.

Hailey Doucette

Oh No Organics: A Study on the Effects of Antibiotics in Retail Ground Beef
Region:Southeast Alberta
City:Medicine Hat, AB
School:St. Mary's School
Abstract:For my project I wanted to test something relevant to the modern day economy, so I tested the theory behind the antibiotic free market. Many people believe that organic products are better in every category and I wanted to test if there was a variance in the number of bacterial cultures found in organic retail group beef compared to retail ground beef raised on antibiotics.