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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Evan Mason, and I come from a very musical family. I myself play many brass instruments, the piano and the cello. My father is a guitarist, and I got the inspiration of my project from noticing the difference in holes on the acoustic instruments. The cello had thin "f" holes, and the guitar had a large circular hole. My project was driven by this curiosity. My plans for further investigations in this project would be whether the placement of the decibel reader on the radius of the box producing the sound affected the volume being heard. Some advice I would give other students would be learning how to talk under pressure, getting an idea you like and that you can relate to, and putting in tonnes of work. Everything above must have been right, because I somehow made it to Nationals!

Evan Mason

How Temperature Affects the Flow of Crude Oil
Region:Southeast Alberta
City:Medicine Hat, AB
School:Eagle Butte High School
Abstract:In my experiments, I tested the time it took for dirty motor oil to flow under different temperatures. The reason I used dirty motor oil is because it is a hydrocarbon that has very similar viscosity to light crude oil. I ran various flow tests, from flowing it through a funnel to pumping it through a steel pipe.