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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Catherine - I am a Grade 10 student at Northern Secondary School. My interest is in the math and sciences. I am a part of my school’s Math, Science and Engineering Association, where I participate in many Waterloo math contests. I am proud of my academic achievements, and have won my school’s grade 9 Academic Science award. My interest is also in the arts and music. I have participated in and have won many design contests, and was a part of my school’s biggest production: “Hairspray”, the musical. My desire to pursue a career in the medical field, especially in Pharmacy, was my inspiration for my project. To conduct a more in-depth scientific study, I would like to investigate how the metabolism and structure of the tested bacteria may affect the results. My advice to other students interested in doing their own science project is to find an idea that interests them and set practical goals. Unexpected results can be discouraging, but they are the catalyst to helping you think of alternative explanations or directions for study. I am excited to continue my science fair experience at CWSF and have the opportunity to learn from other students’ projects and discoveries.
Romi - My name is Romi Lifshitz and I am a grade 10 student at Northern Secondary School of Toronto, Ontario. I have participated in University of Waterloo math contests such as the Gauss, Lagrange, Pascal, CNML, Cayley, and the CTMC/CEMC. I have won the awards of top 25% contestants in the Lagrange and Pascal contests, won fourth place in the CTMC, and was awarded the honour roll four years in a row. This year, I am honoured to be a class rep and the Head of Mathematics in Northern's Math, Engineering and Sciences Association. I am strongly involved in my community as I volunteer in senior homes, schools, and in tutoring fellow peers through the L2L program. My hobbies include playing the piano, composing music, reading and writing literature, and playing sports (soccer, fencing and tennis). One of my goals for the upcoming year is to volunteer in medical fields. The motivation to advance the medical world strongly inspired my project. Further investigations include relating the structure and metabolism of the tested bacteria to my results. I encourage future science fair students to explore their interests; because whether they seem simple or hard, there is always something to be discovered.

Catherine Chen, Romi Lifshitz

A Race to the Next Generation
City:Toronto, ON
School:Northern S.S.
Abstract:Escherichia coli and Bacillus cereus were plated in environments containing Apple Juice, Vitamin Water, or 7up. B. cereus had the quickest rate of reproduction. Apple Juice was found to stimulate bacterial growth while 7up slowed bacterial growth. Pharmaceutical companies can advise patients to avoid Apple Juice when treating B. cereus and/or E. coli infections.