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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Brooke - My name is Brooke Westwater and I go to Maple Grove public school in Oakville Ontario. I love getting involved in extra curricular activities such as school teams, clubs, and skill competitions like the science fair. When I heard that I had a shot at going to the national science fair, I was over the moon, and I made this my new goal. I got the inspiration for my project one day when I was making pancakes and the oil stuck to the spatula but the water didn't. I did further research on this discovery, drew diagrams and soon the oil eater came to be. I would love to find out if the oil eater would be able to work at a larger scale in a larger body of water, to be a successful way to clean up large oil spills. Some advice I would give to students thinking about doing a project would be to find a topic that interest you, something that you are really passionate about, because if you don't like your project then it wouldn't be fun, and the whole point of the science fair is to have fun.
Ainsley - My name is Ainsley Morrison. I am in grade 7 and attend school in Oakville, Ontario. I really enjoy reading and learning new things. I love playing all sports especially hockey, field lacrosse and basketball. I am super excited to be going to the Canada Wide Science Fair! From the humble beginnings of our school science fair to New Brunswick to both see and compete against the best projects in Canada! To further investigate the capability of my project I would build a larger scale model and test in a more hostile environment. If another student was thinking about doing a project I would encourage them to start with something that they want to learn about or experiment with. From the simplest thoughts great ideas can grow. If you can find a cause that is close to your personal interests or heart your passion and curiosity will show and make you want to push the limits of your idea. Young people want a better future, we want to live in a clean environment with great health for all. We have energy and enthusiasm and with that I believe that we can make a positive impact in our world.

Brooke Westwater, Ainsley Morrison

The Oil Eater
Region:Bay Area
City:Oakville, ON
School:Maple Grove Public School
Abstract:The Oil Eater is an innovation designed to clean up disastrous oil spills that occur in large bodies of water. While experimenting with the Oil Eater, 3000 ml of water and 100 ml of oil were put into a container with the Oil Eater. It was then turned on for precisely 30 seconds. The Oil Eater worked best with the oils that had higher viscosity.