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ESPC 2015 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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My name is Stephanie Miller and I love learning new things. I am very athletic and love gymnastics and tennis. Recently, I became a member of team Nova Scotia for gymnastics. Playing the piano and the flute makes me very musical as well. I also like to read. Global warming is causing multiple problems with our environment and food supply. I decided to investigate possible solutions by completing this experiment. Therefore, I grew peas, tomatoes and mustard in eight different environments to determine the optimal environment for growth. Then, I placed all of the plants into the optimal environment to determine if they could rebound from their development. To prolong this investigation, I would examine the same variables on crops that have a greater benefit on our economy. Also, I would gradually transfer the crops to the optimal environment for the second phase of the experiment instead of just placing them in that environment. If other students were to do a project, I would advise them to do something interesting that the public would enjoy as much as they would. Furthermore, to be creative. Search for an idea outside of the box so the project would be even more unique!

Stephanie Miller

Resilience and Recovery
Région:Cape Breton
Ville:Sydney, NS
École:Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr High School
Sommaire:Plants need many different factors to live in order to sustain life such as water, light and heat. The first part of this experiment determined the optimal environment for the growth of peas, tomatoes and mustard. For the second phase of the experiment, the crops were placed into their optimal environment to see if they could recover from their impaired growth.