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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Piercing - I'm Piercing I attend Peguis Central School and I'm in my final year here. It's a little bit scary to know my life will be changing within a few months, but this is such a good way to end my grade school life... with a bang!! The inspiration for our project has come from Cory. We both knew we would be partners in the science fair, but without him neither of us would be attending and participating at CWSF. My advice to other students is... Live for the Future
Cory - My name is Cory Flett, I am 16 and am legally blind. Because of my eye sight I have a hard time to do much sports that aren't full-contact. I do wrestle and play game but I must sit no further then 1 foot away to properly play. Some hobbies I do is help pick swords and knifes for my future collection (I am to young to own them my self).

Piercing Flett, Cory Flett

Pimatizi Bimide: Bio Fuel
Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:Peguis, MB
School:Peguis Central School
Abstract:The focus of our project was to recycle waste vegetable oil into a renewable green fuel source that we can burn with little to no emissions. We were able to do this conversion from cooking oil to fuel though a titration process, the fuel was then washed to remove emulsions and other impurities. The resulting product was a recycled and usable fuel source.