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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Justice - I am a grade 7 student at Golden Gale Middle school in Winnipeg and some of my favorite activities to do outside of school are to play baseball, skateboard and spend time with friends and family. When I grow up I would like to be an engineer, because I find it fascinating to build things. I got my inspiration for 0ur project from watching a documentary about wind turbines. At the start of the documentary it asked a whole bunch of common questions and that's where I got my problem statement from. In the following months I would like to go further with this project by finding the exact measurements to get the best result in generating the most power. If anyone wants or is interested in doing a science project I suggest you do it, I just thought it would be fun and now I am going to the CWSF.
Jordan - My name is Jordan and I go to École Golden Gate Middle School. There, I like to play football and basketball with my friends. I played for the tier 2 team this year and am hoping to make it to tier 1 next year. I also like to sing with my friends. I am in the Junior Concert Choir, an auditioned group that will be touring in Montreal after I participate in the CWSF. I also sing in two of our school's three choirs, the Golden Boys and Vocal Express. I thought of the idea for our project when Justice approached me and offered that we should do a project on wind turbines together. We then brainstormed the different variables we could change and picked our favourites. If we were to go further into our investigation we would test more variables and try to make our wind turbine out of 3-D printed blades, which we tried at first but were too small to generate enough torque to spin. To any other students that are thinking about doing a project, I suggest that you do it about something you care about, so that you enjoy doing your project.

Justice Cowan, Jordan Braun

Wind Turbine Energy
Region:St. James-Assiniboia
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Golden Gate Middle School
Abstract:Renewable energy is critical to offset climate change caused by the use of fossil fuels. The goal of our wind power project was to determine which length of wind turbine blade generated the most electricity under three different wind speeds. Using computer analysis, we discovered that the medium length blade generated the most electricity under all three wind speeds tested.