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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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I attended the Canada Wide in PEI and Lethbridge. I chose my project this year because of my love for horses and not being able to ride due to allergies. After discovering the Curly horse breed I am now able to ride my horse every day. My project is focused on finding out which type of Curly horse is the most hypoallergenic. My research I hope will benefit many other horse allergy sufferers so that they too can enjoy the benefits of riding a horse.

Shelby Brubacher

Curly Horses: The Answer to Allergies
Region:South Fraser
School:Delta Secondary
Abstract:For my project I tested 19 different Curly horses to see which coat type was the most hypoallergenic. The results of my experiment illustrated that the amount of allergen in a Curly horse sample varies from 44% to 94% of my reference non-Curly horse. There was no obvious correlation between the amount of allergen and the type of Curly horse.