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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Kezmen Jun Jie - I was born in Singapore, and moved to Canada when I was 12. I like to play most sports, and also the piano. My favorite sport is badminton, which I play in school and for recreation. When I grow up, I plan to be a scientist or an engineer. I got the inspiration for my project after hearing that there was a cell that converted organic matter into valuable electricity. For my future plans, I would like to dive deeper into trying to make this project help our real world, by implementing it successfully. I think that the project that other students should think about should be special, creative and imaginative. Also, try not to repeat common projects to stand out.
Benjamin - My name is Benjamin Qi Yong Chung. I'm from Britannia Secondary, a school in Vancouver, BC. Besides games and sport, I enjoy reading and playing piano. I am always intrigued by how we can tap upon renewable energy sources that can better improve our living condition. I chanced upon this topic via the internet which provides the avenue for exploration and discovery. Organic waste is already known for providing bio fuel as a source of energy. Upon further reading, my interest was stirred by electricity energy generated by bacteria feeding on organic waste anaerobically. I would like to investigate further the efficiency of the MFCs that would increase the electricity generated. It takes great commitment to do a project well. However, never give up till you have completed it. The satisfaction derives upon finishing it is beyond any expression of words. Also, the lessons learned from the experiment are invaluable. So go for it!

Kezmen Jun Jie Chen, Benjamin Chung

Poo is Cool
Region:Greater Vancouver
City:Vancouver, BC
School:Britannia Community Secondary
Abstract:This project started out as an experiment soon to become a implementation. We started out by testing Microbial Fuel Cells against an Electro-chemical (Daniell) Cell. From our results and research, we realized the potential applications and decided to turn it into an implementation. We extensively researched waste-water treatment plants and MFC materials. From this we created this project which we hope will help the world.