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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Willow is currently a grade 8 honour role student at Evergreen Heights Education Centre, where she is Prime Minister in the student government and is involved in all aspects of the school. She enjoys School, soccer, gymnastics, track and field, cross country and down hill skiing, acting in musical theatre, piano and white water kayaking. Willow is very excited to represent the East Parry Sound Region at the Canada Wide Science Fair for the second time.

Willow Weiler

A Sticky Situation 2.0
Region:East Parry Sound
City:Emsdale, ON
School:Evergreen Heights Education Centre
Abstract:My science project is about whether cleaning oil spills with natural materials can be as effective as using man-made polypropylene. Last year, I tested 5 different natural sorbents to see which one would clean up oil best. I had two winners, cattails and dog fur. This year I'm testing these two sorbents against polypropylene, the man-made sorbent that is used now.