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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Initially, the instant my name was announced as one of three grand prize winners, inexplicable surprise flooded over me. Never, had I predicted my project, starting from a simple idea, would be shipped off to a national competition. Amongst my small community so many people were supportive and caring towards me, offering a great deal of support. Usually, I am more known as an athlete, being recognized for achievements such as; team captain of Eastern Canadian and Provincial champion basketball team, a runner who’d sprint her lungs out, an intense and competitive team member who does it all with a grin stretched ear to ear. When science fair reared its head around the corner, I struggled to find a topic. However, as our science unit on illusions commenced, I discovered a great interest in this particular field. Quickly, I dug a little deeper and developed several hypothesizes but decided on one. If I received the chance, I’d love to investigate how far we could bewilder our mind; possibly making it envision completely unrealistic things. For those dwelling upon a current project, throughout my life I’ve learned you need to put 110% effort into everything and you’ll receive astounding results.

Reilly Sullivan

Pareidolia: An Absence of Music
City:Quispamsis, NB
School:Quispamsis Middle School
Abstract:My experiment tested the limits of our mind under the influence of an auditory illusion named Pareidolia. By combining songs with a white noise file and slowly fading out the music, I discovered that test subjects still believed that the music was playing. I studied their attentiveness and how familiar they were with the song. In the end I recieved very random results.