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ESPC 2015 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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My name is Michelle Journeaux, I am 16 years old. I attend a small school in the rural area of Ontario, Glengarry District High School, in Alexandria. In grade 10, we are required to do a science fair project as part of the curriculum. One day in the car with my father, he complained about my music through my headphones, which he does regularly. My father’s hearing has weakened over the last ten years, which got me thinking about just how early our hearing can diminish. Once we got home, I did some research on the matter and found out about high frequency hearing loss. I have plans to add other variables to my experiment and research. Things like genetic condition and careers can affect hearing as well. The advice I would give to other students doing a project is to be very detailed and precise when documenting information. Always think a step ahead, ask yourself "what could I do to make this better?"

Michelle Journeaux

High Frequency Hearing Loss
Région:United Counties
Ville:Dalkeith , ON
École:Glengarry District H.S.
Sommaire:I did my science fair project on high frequency hearing loss. My goal for this experimental project was to see if ages can affect people's ability to hear higher frequency noises. I played the sound frequency of a mosquito (17.4kHz) through headphones for people ranging from ages 15-83 and recorded if they heard anything or not.