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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Garrett - My name is Garrett Ryan, I'm a student at Widdifield Secondary School from North Bay, Ontario. I have a large variety of interests such as Film, Linguistics, Religion, Psychology, Calendars, and the Polish Army. However, it was my interest in dreams and the brain that started the idea for our project. What started out as an idea to use equipment to monitor brain activity in REM sleep, spiraled into using equipment to convert the brain's natural activity into usable electricity.
Nicholas - My name is Nicholas Boegel. I'm fifteen years old, and currently attending school at Widdifield Secondary School, in North Bay Ontario. Although I do enjoy science, my principal interests are found in the theatre. For the majority of my life, I've participated in numerous musical theatre productions within my community, and have landed a few roles in movies that have been filmed in my area. Following my high school graduation, I plan on pursuing theatre at University or College. My partner and I's project this year is actually a continuation of a pre-conveiced project we made last year for regional science fair. We constructed an electroencephalogram to record the electrical activity within the brain. We then added an operational amplifier to the device to increase the voltage but realized we didn't have enough current for the innovation to be effective. Further investigations would involve the addition of a current amplifier. In terms of advice for other students, I'd have to say that organization and communication are extremely important elements of the project. If your not organized and don't have anything planned out, the process with become very long and stressful.

Garrett Ryan, Nicholas Boegel

Brain Energy Conversion Contraption (B.E.C2)
Region:North Bay
City:North Bay, ON
School:Widdifield Secondary
Abstract:Through the advancement of our innovation, we aspired to discover the external uses of our brains, with the intention of also finding an alternative source of electricity. In this experiment, we redesigned our previous year’s electroencephalograph, in such a way as to simplify the appearance, and enable the potential of powering a load with the recorded brain activity.