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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Shahmeer Shams, and I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. I have always strived for excellence ever since I grew old enough to understand what was going on in the world around me. I realized that there were many paths in this life and that I had to make the best of it. This is why I chose to have an interest in science, math, and medicine. My life goal is to grow up to become a man of reason, medicine, and positive legacy. To do this I have tried my very hardest to excel past the standard and that has brought me here. I have had an interesest in Science Fair for a long time, and my projects have always covered a topic in biology. My topic this year which dealt with UV radiation, and its effects on the growth of cells, stemmed from my curiosity regarding cells. I hope to continue on my path of science with other, more advanced projects. My advice for other scientific aficionados, and those who hope to accomplish something; try your absolute best in whatever you do, may it be solving a simple equation, or researching a treatment for cancer.

Syed Shahmeer Shams

UV Death Rays
City:Edmonton, AB
School:Aurora Charter School
Abstract:My project this year is about UV radiation. It explores the what UV radiation is, how it effects living cells, and how we are affected by it. I tested to see specifically how much damage it can do unhindered to living bacterial cells in a safe laboratory at the University of Alberta. My project's purpose is to educate the people about the dangers of UV.