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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Ivie lock Luttmer, I am 12 years old and love soccer and going on the trampoline. I also live to go shopping and dance. I live with my mom in one house and my dads in another. I have ducks, dogs, cats, and chickens. I would like to have a career which needs a science background. My favourite subjects in school are science and gym. I hope that anyone reading this will chose to create a project to see how far you can go with it!

Ivie Lock-Luttmer

Dead Zones
Region:West Kootenay & Boundary
City:Bonnington, BC
School:Trafalgar Junior Secondary
Abstract:I did a project on dead zones in waters of the world and their effects on our environment. I followed this topic with looking at our local lake, Kootenay Lake, to see if there are potential dead zone areas in fresh water lakes as well. I found out that our lake should serve as a warning to everyone that we need to act now!