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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hi, my name is Saharsh Hariharan. I am a grade 9 student at the Woodlands School. This is my third year at the Canada Wide Science Fair, and I am excited to be back again. My project this year is an energy-innovation. I created a device which produces energy through the movement of cars. I wanted to do a project related to energy since energy continues to be a major problem in this world. In the future I plan to patent the device, and make it produce even more energy. At school I am mostly interested in Science and Technology related courses, which is why I choose to attend the science fair. Within school, I do participate in a lot of competition. Examples include DECA, Vex Robotics, and the school Theater Shorts. I plan on pursuing these competitions, plus more in the future during my time in high school. Outside of school, I am involved in multiple sports such as Swimming, and Ball Hockey. I enjoy playing all of these sports and do plan on continuing them in the future. When I grow up I would like to be a Mechatronics Engineer, studying at MIT.

Saharsh Hariharan

Harnessing Energy from Traffic Utilizing Piezoelectric Crystals
City:Mississauga, ON
School:The Woodlands School
Abstract:Energy needs continues to be a major problem in this world. With more and more technology coming, there is a strong need for a reliable source of energy. My project focuses on creating a device which can produce energy through the movement of cars. As cars ride over the device, energy is able to be produced. This energy is collected and can be used.