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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hello, my name is Joey (Chih Yang) Chen and I am a finalist representing the Prince Edward Island province at the Canada Wide Youth Science Fair in 2015. I have emigrated from Taiwan and settled in the city Charlottetown in 2008. I am a grade 10 student who was currently enrolled the Charlottetown Rural High School. The idea for this science fair project was actually inspired by my childhood friend who’d mentioned that his grandmother had put dairy products such as sour creams onto her skin to help relieve or prevent sunburns whenever she had one. I then did some research and the project begins from then. As with the current project, I planned to find out and be able explain how beta carotene protects the human skin cell from ultraviolet radiation. I would definitely recommend this science fair event to other students who were thinking about doing a project on their own. A word of advice is make your presentation really attractive to the audience. Speak through your body language, spice up the board with pictures instead of just texts, and be excited about telling other people your project.

Chih Yang (Joey) Chen

Does beta carotene protect human skin cells from ultraviolet radiation?
Region:Prince Edward Island
City:Charlottetown, PE
School:Charlottetown Rural H.S.
Abstract:The purpose of this study was to investigate if beta carotene could protect human skin cells from ultraviolet radiation. The skin cells were treated with beta carotene and then exposed to increasing levels of UV to measure the protective effect. Through this experiment, collected data has shown that beta carotene at 2.5 µM may have a protective effect on human skin cells against ultraviolet radiation.