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CWSF 2015 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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I am Seth Barnwell a grade 10 student from Tilbury, Ontario. I stay busy playing many sports but my favorites are Hockey and Soccer. I volunteer 6 hours a week to the community soccer program in Tilbury. I coach and assist my family with running the program for over 400 kids. I am currently the athletic representative on my schools student council. After secondary school I plan to further my education but the direct path of which university and which career is still undecided. I know that science will play a big role in my final decision. I encourage every school to get involved with science fairs. This will be my third trip across Canada to participate in the Canada Wide Science Fair. I was able to participate in 2012 CWSF in P.E.I. as well as in 2013 in Lethbridge. I am excited to return to join 2015’s C.W.S.F. in Fredericton. I have met so many people from across the country and will forever look back at what a wonderful opportunity C.W.S.F. was.

Seth Barnwell

The S.S. Power
City:Tilbury, ON
School:Tilbury District H.S.
Abstract:“The S.S. Power” examined effectiveness of the combination of steam and solar power through the use of Fresnel lenses to produce energy with a generator and a heating source similar to a boiler. Measurements of electricity and heat produced were recorded using a multi-meter and a thermometer. After trials the experiment produced electricity and heat effectively and also added the potential for water purification.