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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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I am a fourteen-year-old individual, who seeks to explore and understand the unknown through the astonishing world of science. Originally, I am from Uzbekistan located in Central Asia but currently, I am living in the Northwest Territories of Canada, under the rare Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) which dance in the ice-cold skies of peaceful taiga. Since my early childhood, I have been fascinated by science, which has employed my brain with millions of unanswered questions. These questions have pushed me towards finding explanations and answers, through taking risks and carrying out various experiments. This curiosity has led me into studying a building problem about permafrost, the frozen ground. My advice to other younger students would be to believe in yourself that you can pursue and achieve anything if you have the courage.

Islombek Mukhamadiev

Effects of Peat, Vegetation & Disturbance on Permafrost in Fort Good Hope, NT
City:Fort Good Hope, NT
School:Chief T'Selehye School
Abstract:Permafrost is an excellent foundation in many northern parts of the world as long as it remains frozen; it is very sensitive to temperature changes. Changes to a permafrost region, such as removing the vegetation canopy, can cause permafrost to thaw and lose its stability, having further effects on the rate of global warming, as well as on northern communities and lifestyles.