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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Jenna Hennebury and I'm a grade 8 student at Holy Name of Mary Academy Lawn, NL. I have received Top Student Grade 4-7 and Academic Excellence Grade 6-7. I'm actively involved in many groups; Allied Youth Post 990, I hold the position of Treasurer on the Executive. I am also a Sea cadet from 237 Truxtun. Our marksmanship team placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in our zone for two years. I am a member of the Mustang Mega Bots - my team placed 1st in the FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition for all of Newfoundland in 2015. I am also a member of the HNMA Eco-kids and we received the U-Rock Volunteer Award in 2012. The past two years I have been part of the high school drama troupe. I take part in several sports at my school - soccer, basketball, ball hockey and volleyball. Some of my hobbies include playing Xbox, and reading. Some of my favourite classes are Science, Math and Technology, so when it came to the Science Fair I gave it my all. I'm excited to attend the Canadian Wide Science Fair to represent my school, and my Province, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jenna Hennebury

Colour Confusion
Region:Central Newfoundland
City:Lawn, NL
School:Holy Name of Mary Academy
Abstract:My project "Colour Confusion" - Using the Stroop Effect Test to determine if the age of the subject affects the reaction time to complete each test. I tested 10 subjects in each of the age ranges: ages 6-9; 10-13; 14-17; 18-21; 22-25; 26-29; 30+. My results showed that the 30+ age range completed the test faster.