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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Brandon Green and I am currently 13 years old. I attend River Valley School in Sundre, Alberta. I am a sports enthusiast but my I am most passionate about my primary sport; baseball. I enjoy many hobbies like water sports, skiing, boating, travelling and meeting and enjoying new people. I love music and my favorite genre is...... I have achieved the Eagle Award at my school each semester since grade 6. This award is for work habits. I have been awarded a number of academic excellence awards as well. I have also been awarded a number of awards through baseball, one of which was players choice most wanted teammate. I am proud of these accomplishments. Last year, I was honored to make it to the CWSF and achieved a bronze medal. My science fair project this year was inspired by my passion for healthy living and excellence in physical and brain recovery time. I evolved my project and nutritional sport drink from last year to include cognitive recovery time after exercise. In the future, I would love to market my product to help others. My advice is choose a topic you love and go for it!

Brandon Green

XTreme Ultra Body Fuel with BDNF Protein Enhancers
Region:Central Alberta
City:Sundre, AB
School:River Valley School
Abstract:At CWSF last year, my experiment was creating an original sports drink that was effective in improving exercise performance. I expanded this year by developing a drink that improved both my physical recovery time and my cognitive recovery time. I did this by adding omega 3 rich foods that increases BDNF (a fertilizer protein for your brain) that improves physical and cognitive brain function.