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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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I am Kariann Szemethy, and I attend Medicine Hat High School in what is technically classified as grade 11. However I am not the typical student, and I've known that since I was a bouncing baby. I am a eclectic mix of random dance parties, scientific inquiries, and take downs on the soccer field. I binge on Crash Course videos, not Netflix. Whenever I find an answer it leads me to another question, and to question is there an answer to anything? Constantly I strive to find knowledge, to be challenged, and to avoid the standard median. Everything is more compelling when I look at it in my own perspective. My drive and curiosity has me caught between career fields. At this point, my curiosity will drive my decisions. I know that I will land only among the brightest bulbs that I stimulate to ignite.

Kariann Szemethy

Development of a UVC-LED Device for Water Sterilization
Region:Southeast Alberta
City:Medicine Hat, AB
School:Medicine Hat High School
Abstract:My project focused on the construction of a electrical device that powered UVC-LED's. This device would then be used to sterilize pathogens from water sources by exposing the water to UVC radiation. The device was constructed by hand and tests were ran once the system was built to test its efficiency and effectiveness.