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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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Alexander - I'm a small town farm boy from Luseland, Saskatchewan. I love math, satire, and rock and roll. I've always been interested in STEM fields, so I was naturally drawn to take part in Science Fair. I plan to attend the University of Saskatchewan next year in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program. During our project my partner and I attempted to discover the cause of a genetic anomaly that existed amongst a grove of aspen that caused them to grow incredibly crooked. The crooked trees are a local legend around where I grew up, and when the opportunity came to take use the Synchrotron to uncover their secret, I jumped on it. Being able to try and find out the answer to a question everyone in Saskatchewan has been asking for nearly a century was very exciting. It was also amazing to use the one and only Canadian Synchrotron. I was able to meet many people in the University, and hope to continue working on the project for the next few years learning from their expertise.
Alyson - I am a grade 12 student currently enrolled in Luseland School, a small high school in rural Saskatchewan. I am extremely involved in my school and community, as I am a part of the Student Representative Council and the School Community Council, as well as an active 4-H member. I am also the captain of my volleyball team, the point-guard on my basketball team, and a track and field athlete. I have been conditionally accepted to the University of Saskatchewan's Arts and Science Program and will hopefully be attending this fall. I am majoring in Health Studies and hope to pursue a career in the medical field. I got inspired for my project while travelling on a Canoe Trip with my school, and again by my science teacher's enthusiasm. I hope to continue studying the Hafford Crooked Trees in a Dendrochronology Laboratory at the U of S this upcoming year. I would advice other students to be as organized as possible, and to manage your time efficiently.

Alexander Magnus, Alyson Cook

Crooked Chemistry
Région:Northwest Saskatchewan
Ville:Luseland, SK, Major, SK
École:Luseland School
Sommaire:We tested the chemical difference between Crooked and Non-Crooked Aspen Trees on the Synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan in an attempt to find the reason for the abnormal growth of the crooked trees. We discovered that there were substantial differences in levels of the same species of iron, zinc, chromium and calcium between the two types of trees.

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