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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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I was born in Inuvik NWT, I'm a grade 7 at East Three Secondary School. I've lived in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region almost my whole life and love hanging out with my family and friends. one of the things I like doing most is art, for me its a way to express m feelings. I am also a figure skater I'm in the intermediate level so it is the second highest. I like doing science because you get to learn about so many new things in the world, you can learn about anything you want. and while you doing experiments you learn about stuff in a really fun way. I'm interested in my project because there are so many questions on the brain and how it works so for my project I have a question how does the mind interpret illusions. so that is my question that I'm hoping to figure out.

Kaylin Harder

Pour Qui Notre Cerveau Peut Être Trompé Par Les Illusions
City:Inuvik , NT
School:East Three Secondary School
Abstract:Le but de mon projet était de déterminer pourquoi les illusions affectent le cerveau? Mes objectifs d’expérience à déterminer est qu’est qui arrive avec le cerveau pendant que le cerveau essayant de résoudre une illusion? Mes résultats ont montré que les filles peuvent résoudre les illusions plus vite que les garçons. C’est plus facile pour les filles que les garçons.