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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Carmen Landry and I am a Grade 7 student at Ecole secondaire du Sommet in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is my first entry into the CWSF. When I am not in school, I train with the Canada Games Centre Diving Club, do gymnastics and work to support a local animal shelter. A year ago, I was named "Maritimer of the Week" by our local CTV station for my work with charities. My great-grandmother died from leaving her house in the winter and wandering due to her dementia so this project had a very personal connection for me. I wanted to invent something safe and accessible that everyone could afford that makes it easier for tracking dogs to find lost people. I researched 39 minerals and discovered a solution. The community helped me test my experiment: the RCMP, the local Search and Rescue team, Halifax Police Department, a geology professor from Saint Mary's University and a drilling company from Saskatoon all played a part. I am grateful to be able to tell people about my invention through the CWSF. Maybe this invention can save lives. Wandering from dementia is a growing problem in Canada.

Carmen Landry

Errance causée par la démence – sauver la vie des aînés
Region:Conseil scolaire acadien provincial
City:Lower Sackville, NS
School:École Secondaire du Sommet
Abstract:La démence est un grave problème au Canada. Les aînés peuvent errer et causer des blessures ou la mort. Grâce à une combinaison de la recherche avec divers minéraux et de l'assistance de la communauté, une crème avec barytine a été inventé pour aider les chiens renifleurs pour trouver des personnes âgées perdues.