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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Maclean - Maclean Machan is a Grade 7 student from Seaway District High School in Iroquois, Ontario. Maclean and his partner wanted to determine how different types of salt affect the rate of melting when put on ice. They were inspired to investigate this because of its real life connection to the salt that is put on roads in the winter time. Maclean is involved in the local hockey association and participates in a number of 4-H clubs in his community. Through his participation in this year’s science fair opportunities, Maclean has discovered how science is connected to the real world and the importance of sharing the learning with others.
Emytt - Emytt Fetterly lives in Iroquois, ON. He attends Seaway District High School in Iroquois also. Emytt plays lots of sports during the different seasons. He plays hockey for his local association in the winter and plays baseball and soccer for his local associations in the warmer seasons. He does not plan to have a future job in the sciences but maybe this will change his opinion. He enjoys science and enjoys being able to have experiences like these.

Maclean Machan, Emytt Fetterly

Salt vs. Ice
Region:United Counties
City:Williamsburg, ON, Iroquois, ON
School:Seaway District H.S.
Abstract:The purpose of the study was to determine which type of salt would melt ice the quickest. The kinds of salt used were sea salt, table salt, “Sifto Safe Step” salt, “Fast Action Ice Melt” salt, and Epsom salt. The salt types that had calcium chloride in them melted the ice quickest because it absorbs water in the air speeding up the melting process.