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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Hi! My name is Anisha Rajaselvam and I am a grade 7 student at the Sacred Heart School of Halifax. I enjoy many extra-curricular activities, ranging from piano to dance to girl guides. I love math, science, English, art and music, but science is definitely the winner! I have won national math contests such as the Math Kangaroo and the Mathematica Centrum. I have also won regional and national French competitions and even had the opportunity to attend an international French contest. I earned the Lady Baden Powell award in guiding. When someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer I learned about the disease and the side effects of its treatments. I got interested in ancient beliefs in natural herbs that cured cancer. The "Thunder God Vine" sparked my interest; it is a Chinese herb believed to cure cancer but nobody has ever tested to see if it really does and if so, how. With my project I added the extract of this herb to breast and lung cancer cells to see what would happen. I am planning to continue this intriguing project and hopefully continue to work in the medical field in the long run.

Anisha Rajaselvam

The Answer to Cancer: Could Triptolide Be The Cure?
City:Halifax, NS
School:Sacred Heart School of Halifax
Abstract:Cancer diagnoses are rapidly increasing. I tested the extract of an ancient Chinese herb called the “thunder god vine” on breast and lung cancer cells. The two different concentrations tested resulted in the deformation of the cancer cells. Though the cells weren’t killed completely with the concentration and incubation period I used, my results were promising and I am planning to continue this novel project.