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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Hello my name is Adam Culbert. I am 13 years old, in grade 7 and I have many interests and hobbies including rocketry, robotics, DJing school dances and playing hockey. But most of all, I love science. From looking at the moon through my telescope to researching quantum physics I have a love for learning and discovering all I can about science and technology. In grade six I won a silver metal at the regional science fair, which spurred me on to participate in this year’s fair. One of my interests is in solar power and alternative energy sources. That interest inspired me to measure the different effects of snow, ice, and water on a solar panel. I’m very happy and excited to be participating in the Canada Wide Science Fair this year!

Adam Culbert

Should I Shovel My Solar Panel?
Region:South Shore
City:Bridgewater, NS
School:Bridgewater Junior-Senior High School
Abstract:Solar panels are one way of generating electricity. Snow, ice and rain can obstruct a solar panel and reduce the electricity produced. This experiment suggests that the accumulation of snow and ice have a negative impact on the amount of electricity produced by solar panels.