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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Emily - this year for science fair, my partner and I decided to do a project on ballistic gelatine. We took ten different house hold materials and placed them in front of a cube of ballistic gelatine and tested which material would stop a bee bee bullet. We tested each material three times and like I said before, ten different tests to begin with. After we won at our school science fair we decided to do a standard deviation graph and recently did more testing and graphs to help further improve our project. I am very dedicated with my studies and currently hold an average of 92.6. I was also on the basketball team at my school and received best defensive player. Also I recently finished badminton which I quite enjoyed! In my spare time I participate in tap dancing classes where I was given the most potential award. Quadding in the beautiful hills in my town is another favorite hobby of mine . I am very creative, and artistic. I live with my mother, father and my younger sister. After I graduate I plan on going to university to become a dentist and from there the sky is the limit!
Amanda - My name is Amanda Gamble and I go to Glenmary school in Peace River, AB. My partner Emily and I came up with a project called Bedded Beebe Bullets in Ballistic Blocks.We got the inspiration for our project from a T.V. show that featured an experiment where the people on the T.V. show tested how many water balloons it took to slow down a bullet. We decided to base our project off of this experiment, but instead of using just water balloons, we decided to use different types of materials that would be placed in front of ballistic gel, which is a type of gel that mimics human flesh, to slow down a bullet. Although we wished to use real gun bullets in our experiment we were unable to due to having no gun license. If we were to go further with our project, we would do more tests but instead of using a beebe gun, we would like to use a regular gun and also test different materials. If I was to give advice to a student thinking about doing a project, I would tell them to chose an idea that relates to a real life situation.

Emily Neufeld, Amanda Gamble

Bedded BB Bullets in Ballistics Blocks
Region:Peace Country
City:Peace River, AB, Peace River , AB
School:Glenmary School
Abstract:For our science fair project this year, my partner and I tested ten different house hold materials to see which one would best stop a bee bee gun bullet from penetrating ballistic gelatine. We first made this gelatine and tested each material three times and found our top three. Since them we have further improved our project by doing mor testing and also more graphs