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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Kara Hoang, I'm from the ottawa region, I got the inspiration for my project from my friend who has many allergies and could not wear commercial sunscreen when he came to visit me at my cottage. So I did some recherche to make a sunscreen made of basic ingredients. The plans that I have for this products is to test it's SPF and it's conservation period of time; and hopefully being able to put a product on the market that is safe for all of our body's. The advice that I would give to other students who are thinking about doing a project is to find a subject that can help the people around them and make a good difference in our world. Besides sciences I also enjoy doing many activities witch consists of many school sports including: volley-ball, touch-football, running, ultimate frisbee and many others. I also love being part of my school play where I will be singing; I also have a lot of fun being part of the improv team. I have been given many awards in my life including a tv show and many other recognition's that I have worked hard for.

Kara Hoang

Sauve ta peau!
City:Kanata, ON
School:College catholique Franco-Ouest
Abstract:Sauve ta peau!, est une substance naturel et hypoallergénique qui te protège des coups de soleils sans les produits chimiques que nous retrouvions dans les crèmes solaires commerciaux des magasins. C'est un produit qui est bon pour ta peau et ta famille que tu peux utiliser pendant toutes l'années.