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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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My name is James Ho. I was born in Seattle, Washington, in the year 2000. After my sister, Allie, was born, my family and I moved to British Columbia, BC in 2002. At age 5, I found myself very interested in how mechanical things worked. I often took apart broken toys to see that if I could fix them. At the age of 12, I built a flying quadcopter from scratch after many soldering iron burns, fried electronics, and broken airframes. This is also the time when I joined my school band. Currently, I play the violin, the trombone, and the french horn. At the age of 13, I entered my first science fair competition with the mindset of not winning anything. However, my electromagnetic hone charger got me second place. This year, on the other hand, my high temperature electrolysis reactor put me on the Canada Wide Science Fair finalist list. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone, it would be to dream big. No matter who you are, or how others think about you or your ideas, if you follow though, your dream will become reality.

James Ho

Power from the Simultaneous Burning of Hydrogen During Electrolysis
Région:South Fraser
Ville:Surrey, BC
École:Semiahmoo Secondary
Sommaire:Greenhouse gasses are a major factor in the deterioration of the global climate. An emission free device capable of producing more power than it consumes is a solution to this problem. More heat energy is present compared to the electrical input when hydrogen is burned during electrolysis. This heat can be converted into electricity using external combustion engines or thermoelectric generators.