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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Charles - Hello! My name is Charles Wang, and I am currently a grade 10 student enrolled in Elgin Park Secondary. I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada in the year 2009, where I started grade 4. I've always had a certain interest towards the sciences. It is always fascinating for me to understand the small details and processes of life. As of now, I aspire to work in the medical field when I grow up. However, the decision of being a doctor, a medical researcher, or even a biological engineer has not been yet made. As for "The Raincycler", the main inspiration for my partner and me is the fact that we live in Vancouver, an area of high precipitation. In the near future, we plan to add various improvements to our current design to maximize output, and if possible, get granted a patent for our system. Now, for any other potential contestants, this is a great opportunity for you to acquire knowledge on a subject of your own choice. I went into this science fair without much thought about winning; the main benefit is undoubtedly the experience you gain. Definitely go ahead and design your own individual project.
Spencer - Salutations! My name is Spencer Zezulka, and I am currently enrolled in tenth grade at Elgin Park Secondary. My hobbies include masochistically shoving numerous AP courses and self-study down my throat, chasing the rabbits out of my vegetable garden, and hanging out with my buddies. My favourite classes are all of the sciences, especially physics. I am also a relatively proficient pianist; to date, my greatest accomplishment was being given the chance to perform at a gala in the prestigious Carnegie Hall after winning gold at an international competition in New York. As I live in Vancouver, I witness massive amounts of rain being poured from the skies on the daily, which served to inspire my project. As for further investigations in this area, I would like to experiment with different types of impellers and friction-reducing bearings. In regards to any advice I could give to other students doing a project, it would be to remind them that they are capable of doing anything. Work hard, and those dreams will come to life. On that didactic note, I end my spiel, and bid the reader a good day.

Charles Wang, Spencer Zezulka

The Raincycler: Hydroelectric Rainfall Generator
Region:South Fraser
City:Surrey, BC
School:Elgin Park Secondary
Abstract:Our world is in need of change. All scholarly study points towards the demise of fossil fuels within the century, but not before it causes the demise of our world. Our project, the Raincycler, seeks to provide a complement to conventional renewable sources so that we may relieve our dependence on the bones of long-dead organisms and secure a future in which we may live.