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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Danny Bae, 14 years old, from Stratford, Ontario. I am the first student from Stratford to advance to CWSF. This is my first science fair, and have made myself, my family, my friends and teachers very proud. I play rep. soccer and basketball but I don't plan to find a career in sports. I have interest in science and engineering, so I'm planning on trying to be an architect or an engineer. I'm not allowed to add personal information on this, so please ask for my Snapchat or Instagram.

Danny Bae

Can a Train Be Faster Than a Plane?
Region:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
City:Stratford, ON
School:St. Aloysius
Abstract:I am promoting an idea of a maglev train running inside a vacuum tunnel. My research states that less resistance is better for faster acceleration and higher speeds. The current fastest train in the world is a maglev train, with a top speed of 500 kmh. Without air resistance, the train could reach speeds as if it were in outer space.