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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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My name is Mariam Alaeddine, I am 16 years old and I live in Sudbury Ontario. I currently attend highschool at Lo-Ellen Park S.S and because of the amazing teachers and staff that have taught me there, I have grown to have an incredible love of science, more specifically Chemistry. Which is really where I got my inspiration for investigating a more efficient biofuel for my Science Fair Project. I plan in the future to go into Chemical Engineering and continuing my investigations. I am also a part time volunteer at Science North, in Sudbury Ontario, where everyday I learn new scientific concepts which further inspires me to contribute in science and helping our society and earth become a better place. For future aspiring students, I suggest studying a topic you are passionate about. This will give you more inspiration to push yourself to succeeding in completing a great science fair project!

Mariam Alaeddine

Ethanol: Heating Things Up
Ville:Sudbury, ON
École:Lo-Ellen Park S.S.
Sommaire:This project investigates whether adding acetone, an organic compound, will increase ethanol's overall energy output as well as its efficiency as a bio fuel additive in terms of cost and cleanliness to the environment. First a calorimeter was made to calculate the overall thermal energy of the mixture. Furthermore the mixture was massed before and after combustion to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.